To all Sanshin lovers!

In response to popular demand, we are offering the recorded video of our recent “Sanshin care & maintenance online event” for sale!
Even if you don’t have someone around who can repair your Sanshin, a skilled Sanshin craftsman from Okinawa shared tips on how to maintain your Sanshin yourself.
Don’t miss out this opportunity!

2-Greeting from Okinawa Sanshin Craftsmen’s Business Association Activities of the Okinawa Sanshin
3-Craftsmen’s Business Association History of Sanshin Sanshin and the Immigrant Connection
4-Maintenance Methods of Sanshin
-String Replacement Techniques for Sanshin
-Maintenance of Karakui
-Measures to Take When the Sanshin Body is  Damaged
5- Let’s play the Sanshin together!
6- Activities of WYUA

-Viewing period: April 19th to July 19th
* You can watch it as many times as you wish during this period.
-Price: $18
-Language: Japanese including English interpretation
-Duration: 1 hour 45 minutes
-Purchase here:
*Please note that the recorded data cannot be downloaded, and it may not be of the highest quality.

【Organized by】
World Youth Uchinanchu Assosiation (WYUA)

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