Yuntaku CAFE
Date: Aug 1 , 2014
Time : 13:30- 17:00
Place : Bürgerhaus Bilk  Himmelgeister Straße, 40225 Düsseldorf, Germany
Registration fee:$ 15 (We will accept €11 or $ 15)
Topics to be covered: Okinawa, environment, education and culture.
Participating Nations :Germany, UK, France, Okinawa etc.
Capacity : 50 people
Note: Please bring your favorite drink for helping yourself.

“Yuntaku” means relaxed conversation in Okinawan language. People who live Okinawa often use this word when they ask their friends to go out together. In this program, we will talk about 3 topics with participants who come from all over the world to share opinions. We can have some Okinawan snacks too. Please bring your drink and your favorite snacks if you like. Enjoy “Yuntaku” café!

Topic 1: Nature environment
Topic 2: Environmental Conservation education
Topic 3: Passing down Culture

First, Okinawan participants give a presenatation to introduce Okinawan case studies on each topic.
Second, Share opinions in small group with good snacks and drinks (World Café style)