Hi everyone!
Im Maria and im belong to Administration Department and Inquirry Section.
Nice to meet youベーチョキ
Today i wanna tall you about our workshop at Ryukyu Univ, when hold in July 3th (Sun).
why don’t you join us if you interested in this workshop;D
As you all should know, this year will be celebrated the “Worldwide Uchinanchu Festival”, and members of Youth Uchinanchu Network are making every month Workshops and global projects to the next generation people.
The activity for this month is:
A conference led by Shinichi Maehara, about the history of Okinawan emigration, and after that, there will be a debate (little chat) on the subject.
This will take place on this Sunday July 3th
Place: Room 702 (Moot court room) – Arts and General Research Center,Ryukyu University.
Time : 13.30 to 17.00
We would like to engage people who identify with the points below:
■ Don’t know or want to know about Okinawan emigration
■ Have relatives who have emigrated outward
■ You are an immigrant or descendant of second or third generation
■ Woukd like to meet people of success and the Top the World
■ You want to be the successful person in the world
For those interested, please do not hesitate to contact us: